"Night Of True Champions" (August 11th 2001)
The team rosters were: (White) Derek Anderson, Scott Padgett, Tony Delk, Jamaal Magloire, Ron Mercer, Travis Ford, Jared Prickett, Saul Smith, Heshimu Evans, Jack Givens, Chris Gettlefinger, Steve Masiello, Joey Holland and Jeff Brassow. (Blue) Richie Farmer, Jamal Mashburn, Nazr Mohammed, Walter McCarty, Rex Chapman, Sean Woods, Dale Brown, Kenny Walker, Chris Harrison, Todd Svoboda, Henry Thomas, Tom Heitz, Gary Gamble and Deron Feldhaus.

Leader Tony Delk scored 30 points and Scott Padgett added 25 as the White squad defeated the Blue, 137-119, in the "Night of True Champions" game at Rupp Arena. The game was played before 6,112 fans and proceeds benefited the University of Kentucky Basketball Museum and the Derek Anderson Foundation. The game marked the debut of the new Rupp Arena floor, adorned with a traditional "UK" logo at center court with the Southeastern Conference logo depicted in each foul lane. One end zone said "Kentucky," while the other said "Wildcats" in bold type. Twenty-one former Wildcats participated in the contest and Tubby Smith coached the Blue squad, while Joe B. Hall coached the White team. {Scoring Recap} "Blue" 119pts -- Farmer 7, Mohammed 34, McCarty 38, Woods 15, Brown 2, Harrsion 3, Svoboda 5, Thomas 0, Heitz 2, Lanter 6, Davis 7 ... "White" 137pts -- Anderson 12, Padgett 25, Delk 30, Ford 8, Prickett 23, Smith 6, Evans 14, Givens 15, Brassow 4, Masiello 0.

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